Title (possession) of and copyright to all products shall remain with Studio Likely until client has paid in full. All photos are copyrighted. The negatives and or digital images (hereinafter collectively the “images”) created by Studio Likely remain the property of Studio Likely. Permission is herby granted to Studio Likely to use any images created under this contract for professional samples, displays, internet website pages, advertising, exhibitions, contests, and any other purpose. Studio Likely retains the copyright to all images produced by Studio Likely. Copyright in the photographs will be retained by Studio Likely, subject to the restrictions and Artist’s approval rights in this Agreement. Studio Likely agrees that no publication, distribution, reproduction, recording, display, or other right under copyright will be exploited by Photographer other than in strict conformity with this Agreement.


Reserved Rights

Any use of the Photographs not expressly licensed to Studio Likely hereunder is reserved by the Client, and Studio Likely acknowledges and agrees that the Client reserves all right, title and interest in the Client’s name, voice, likeness, merchandising, commercial tie-in, publicity rights, privacy rights, trademark rights, and other rights under applicable law.


Creative License

Images are edited at the Photographer’s discretion, and delivered prints will not include all images shot. Studio Likely reserves the creative rights to edit and release only those images deemed creditable as professional in quality and within the photographer’s artistic standards.